Wednesday, March 12, 2008

IFRS Conference - North America 2008

Dear member of the North-American XBRL community,

You may know me as the co‑ordinator of XBRL development at the IASC Foundation, the oversight body of the IASB who is developing the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). As IFRSs are sweeping across the globe, developments in North America are most interesting: Canada is adopting IFRSs by 2011, the U.S. SEC recently removed the reconciliation requirement for foreign private issuers that report using IFRSs and consultation has begun on whether US domestic issuers should be allowed to report using IFRSs. At the same time, some are considering mandating filing using XBRL.

If you are interested in IFRSs and XBRL, on 24–25 April, the IASC Foundation and the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants are hosting an IFRSs Conference in North America in Toronto, Canada. By attending the conference you will gain critical insights from the IASB, the AcSB, the US FASB, securities regulators and international financial reporting experts. The programme is available here.

On the morning of 24 April 2008 immediately before the IFRSs conference, we will hold an intensive half day session on XBRL, focused on regulators’ and issuers’ use of XBRL. The programme includes:
· XBRL at IASC Foundation
Olivier Servais, XBRL Team Leader, IASC Foundation
· The Canadian Supervisor’s Perspective
Andrew Lowe, Accountant, Corporate Finance, Ontario Securities Commission
· The U.S. Supervisor’s Perspective
David Blaszkowsky, Director of Interactive Disclosure, U.S. SEC
· The Financial Analyst’s Perspective
Andrew Abouchar, XBRL Working Group, CFA Institute
· XBRL for Assurance
Efrim Boritz, Professor, University of Waterloo
· XBRL for IFRS Conversion
Gerald Trites, Project Manager, XBRL Canada

Round-table Q&A, Chaired by William Swirsky, Past-Chair, XBRL Canada
· Andrew Lowe – Ontario Securities Commission
· David Blaszkowsky – U.S. SEC
· Andrew Abouchar – CFA Institute
· Efrim Boritz – University of Waterloo
· Dwight Wainman – CEO, Caseware

Various options are described on the conference registration page. By registering before 19 March, you qualify for a discount.
So, don’t delay, register today
IFRS Conference - North America 2008


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Do you think there will be a demand for Accountants who also know XBRL?


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