Monday, October 29, 2012

XBRL Canada Releases a New Online Course

XBRL Canada, in collaboration with the CICA, has introduced a new online course, “Advances in Financial and Business Reporting”. It contains 3 hours of content, including reworked video extracts and a visual knowledgebase based on the CICA’s ROI Webinar event last May, which was moderated by Pam Campagnoni or the CICA and featured Mike Willis of PwC and Molly Cotter of Emera Inc.

The online course covers following aspects of XBRL:

Introduction reviews the present situation and identifies the various pressures that are bringing about advances in business and financial reporting.

Global Adoption summarizes the global situation, developing a new perspective by identifying the geographic areas adopting XBRL and who, within those areas, are sponsors of change.

Technology Overview provides an insight into the components of the XBRL platform and how iXBRL represents an alternative solution.

Implementation discusses the various issues and potential pitfalls that can arise with implementation.

Benefits highlights the achievements made and who has benefited;

Future reveals an insight into the direction that business and financial reporting is now taking, particularly in Canada.

Unlike other online courses, this course contains three levels of content: learners can opt for the one-hour Strategic, two-hour Informational, or three-hour Detailed level.  Successful completion of the test questions at the end of the course permits learners to claim the relevant number of CPD-qualifying hours.

Check out the course at the XBRL Canada Website.


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