Tuesday, June 10, 2008

W3C Public Newsletter 9 June 2008

W3C has launched a new activity to enhance eGovernment through the use of open standards. It is based on the idea that use of open standards on the web can make government more efficient and cost effective. It is an activity that XBRL needs to participate in because XBRL is an open standard that has been proven to generate significant savings in government and in the cost of compliance through initiatives such as the Standard Business Reporting (SBR) programs in the Netherlands and Australia. W3C Public Newsletter 9 June 2008


At 7:17 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

XBRL International and W3C have begun exploring a closer relationship. Some of the immediate impact has been the appearance of W3C Semantic Web Technology lead Ivan Herman at the XBRL International Conference in Eindhoven and the appearance of Hugh Wallis (XBRL's technical director) and others at the Semantic Technology Conference in San Jose. In addition, XBRL technical people are going to have a closer relationship with numerous W3C working groups.

When you say "It is an activity that XBRL needs to participate in", it might help to clarify the statement; XBRL International has only so many paid staff; who from "XBRL" do you mean? Hugh? The CEO?

Perhaps one of XBRL's volunteers - the Chair of the Board of Directors? A representative from the International Public Sector working group (which, in some ways, would "compete" with that W3C group)?

There are similar government oriented groups at OASIS (http://www.oasis-egov.org/) and OMG (http://gov.omg.org/). Shouldn't XBRL participate in those too?

At 7:46 am, Anonymous Gerald Trites said...

Thanks for your comment. When I said XBRL should participate, I meant in whatever form that works. That could be volunteer activity or paid staff activity. It could be very active or moderately active. The point is that the Web 2 technologies are becoming very big and XBRL fits in there well and needs to be recognized for that. Oasis is different and requires a different set of considerations.


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